Mégalithes is a French Company based in Britany (Western part of France), whose aim is to export the best craft ciders from the region.

Megalithes is located in the charming village of Saint Briac sur Mer. This village, in the neighborhood of Dinard, Saint Malo and the famous Mont Saint Michel,  has been famous since the XIXth century for being one of the bathing area of the rich and the powerful.

The town was hosting Royal families like the Romanov, wealthy ones like the Forbes, as well as the young TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) who was a pupil there.

Megalithes is carefully selecting the best local apple growers around its hometown, and produces an exceptional cider thanks to the know-how of a family of craftsmen who improved the quality of the ciders. The range is dedicated to young and trendy consumers, looking for the taste of a healthy product.

The company was created in 2016, by an entrepreneur, who has been travelling the world during years, while working in the wine and spirit industry.

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